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Cooking to educate others on the connection between informed food choices and an improved quality of life. We do this to impact and advocate for global food security by improving the local foodshed.


Ryanne grew up in the Pacific Northwest immersed in the farm-to-table food scene. From a very young age she was exposed to the teachings of Ayurveda and regarded food as medicine with a deep respect for wellness. After spending an early 10+ year career working farmers markets, in the service industry and fundraising in the non-profit sector, she shifted her focus to Global Health. In Africa, she worked in maternal and neonatal health in a small village in Uganda, leading nutrition workshops and assisting immunization clinics, learning that women (mothers) have the greatest impact on a community's health education. Upon her return, she completed a D.O.N.A. certified Doula Training knowing that maternal health work was her calling. 
After completing undergraduate studies she traveled to Phuket, Thailand to manage prenatal outreach programs for Burmese refugees. While abroad, she earned an International Masters of Public Health (MPH) from the University of Liverpool and rediscovered her culinary passion among the global spices. She was struck by the lack of food security among populations that needed it most, while simultaneously fell in love with the abundance in Thai cuisine. Once returned to the states years later, she noticed a similar trend of inequitable access to good nutrition among mothers. Even within populations that could afford healthy foods, they lacked the education to make informed choices for their homes. 

She spent the next several years working as a food programs consultant for several Seattle non-profit organizations. Most notable was as Executive Chef and Food Program Manager of Young Women Empowered (Y-WE), procuring seasonal produce from farms and mentoring young women ages 13-18 with a 20 person volunteer kitchen crew.

Now a mom and established entrepreneur in Atlanta, she partners with local farms and artisans sourcing the highest quality ingredients for her clients with Thai and Ayurvedic influences. At Ry’s Table, she educates people on nutrition and the importance of the local food system through her services as an Ayurvedic Doula Chef, ongoing events and classes, while also owning a line of Superfood granolas, Supanola. Through her extended 5+ years traveling abroad, she fought multiple personal battles of parasitic infections, immunocompromisation, leaky gut and embraced many eastern modalities that remedied her back to health. These teachings in herbs and holistic wellness influence her relationship with food and how she hopes to educate others on the connection between informed food choices and an improved quality of life.


Our Values

Approachability - We meet people where they are with information 

Accessibility -  We make good food available to ALL people 

Personal connection - We focus on individual change for greater community shifts

Local Food Systems - We celebrate local farms and seasonal nutrition as central to better health


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