Postpartum Ayurveda

Currently Ry is not offering Doula Chef services. Please use this page as a guide for educational information.  

According to the Ayurvedic Perspective the first 42 days postpartum are essential for the body to renew. As a Doula Chef, I'm able to provide postpartum care that nourishes mamas with grounding foods that support healthier digestion and stronger milk supply so they may experience a deeper bond with baby. Mother's milk is directly affected by the quality of nutrition which in-turn affects baby's development. Baby is given a head start at birth, easing their adjustment outside the womb. Cleansing Ayurvedic foods aid in the 4th trimester transition, giving both mom and baby optimal wellness for building strong immune systems and experiencing a speedy recovery.

Gut Fire "Agni"

Pacify Vata

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Doula Chef

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