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Type : Granola

Tags : gluten-free,grain-free,granola,paleo,vegan


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Turmeric Ginger

Honey Roasted Coconut

Sunbutter Cacao

Beetroot Apple

Charcoal Sesame

Ube Blue Pea

 We take pride in creating high quality, non-gmo, all natural superfood granolas to nourish your vitality. They NEVER contain gluten, dairy, soy, unnatural sweeteners, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Each flavor is thoughtfully crafted in raw small-batches with global spices, adaptogens and Ayurvedic herbs. Our partnerships with local, sustainable, fair-trade farms and artisans, ensure that when you choose SUPANOLA you support a stronger local food system.   


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Flight! Try all 6
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Flight! Try all 6

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